Friday, February 26, 2010

Pain In The Pool

Nothing beats swimming when it comes to over-all bodily exercise. It provides a lot of benefits such as improving ones agility, flexibility, muscle strength, blood circulation, as well as reducing body fat.

However, swimmers are not immune to pain. Problems usually associated with swimming are shoulder ailments due to its wide range of motion. The stress of repetitive motion can bring gradual wear and tear to the group of muscles in the rotating cuff, leading to the inflammation of the tendons. This is called the rotator cuff syndrome. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory medicines and injections of steroids. Sometimes, surgery is necessary for severe and chronic cases.

The neck is also prone to pain and injury due to the repetitive motion of the head while executing different swimming strokes. If you have a history of back problems, refrain from doing the dolphin kick to avoid low back pain.

Always make sure that you engage in proper stretching exercises before diving into the pool. Should you be in pain, apply ice on the affected area and rest. If pain persists and becomes chronic and recurring, consult your physician, specifically a rheumatologist, to find out if you have arthritic problem.

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