Monday, February 1, 2010

Different Approaches In Migraine Treatment

Are you experiencing a painful, pounding headache? Do you feel like vomiting, nauseated, and becoming sensitive to light? Chances are you have a migraine headache. Frequent migraine can be frustrating and can affect the quality of your life. It ruins your mood and productivity.

There are two approaches available in treating migraine: abortive and preventive approaches. Abortive treatment approach aims to pre-empt a migraine attack or once it starts. Doctors usually prescribe a drug that hampers a migraine during its prodrome stage or when the headache has occurred. Medication comes in the form of melt-in-your-tongue wafers or by self-injection. Those who vomit during migraine attack can benefit from these approach since the medications work fast. T
For people whose migraine attacks occur more than once a week, a preventive treatment approach is prefered. The purpose of this approach is to reduce the frequency and lessen the severity of each attack. The prescribed medication to be taken on a daily basis are:

- By : Ramon Bravante

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