Monday, February 1, 2010

Labor Pain Blues

Many women worry about getting pregnant because of labor pains during birth delivery. However, you can ease down labor pains by making preparations and coming up with plans on how to cope with it when the big day arrives. Not being anxious and paranoid about labor pains can go along way.

You must understand that labor pains occur due to the contraction of the muscles in the uterus. It is characterized by abdominal cramps, pain in the groin, and back pain. The head of the unborn child can also bring pressure on the bladder and bowels. When the birth canal and vagina get stretched, it will surely bring about pain.

The pain of labor differs from one woman to another. Most likely, first-time moms will find it more painful compared to those who've given birth before.

Here are some quick tips to help reduce labor pains:

Exercise regularly – light exercises on a regular basis can help strengthen your muscles and prepare your body for the rigors of child birth.

Attend childbirth sessions – the Lamaze technique and the Bradley method are designed to strengthen your uterine muscles.

Practice yoga and meditation
– these two can promote calmness and ease anxiety.

-Ramon Bravante

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