Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Other Serious Back Pain Treatment

Finding treatment for serious backpain is really difficult to find. USA findings that 60-90% of the population is touted to have at least a single incident of back pain in their lives. Back pain spells trouble for even the seemingly effortless movements we make every day. Which is annoying, anyway majority of back pain cases are remedied via home treatment And for low back pain relief, non-prescription pain killers are the common resort. Combined with bed rest within a specific period, these medications would do well enough to alleviate back pain condition.

In a certain circumstances wherein none of these methods work, our doctor could suggest any of the following forms or methods of treatment and therapies.

1. Remedies. During instances wherein over-the-counter pain killers would not work on mild to moderate cases of back pain, our doctor could prescribe non-inflammatory medications or even muscle relaxants. Prescription pain relievers like narcotics can be used briefly under our doctor's strict supervision. Chronic back pain, on the other hand, are sometimes remedied with low dosages of antidepressants.

2. Injections.There are some specific cases, however, in which none of the usual known methods would work. As such, these instances would call for cortisone injections, especially in the case of pain that travels all the way down the leg. To be administered by our doctor, cortisone injections alleviate the inflammation in the nerve roots' area for approximately less than six weeks.

3. Physical Therapies and Exercises.There are several treatment approaches a physical therapist can do to alleviate our pain in the soft tissues and back muscles: ice, heat, electrical stimulation, muscle-release methods, and ultrasound. They would then introduce us to specific exercises as soon as our condition gets better. These exercises are intended for the following purposes: strengthen our back and abdominal muscles, raise our flexibility, and develop better posture. Performing these exercises on a regular basis would help keep us pain free for the rest of our life.

4.Surgery.Surgery is a drastic approach for treating soft tissue and muscle-related back pain. It is usually done for herniated disk cases only. However, surgery is applied if the pain is persistent, and it causes weakening of the muscles due to nerve compression.

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