Friday, January 8, 2010

Natural Treatments to Headache and Migraine

What pain relief do you use? natural or prescription drugs? It is proven that most cases of headaches are related to tension which experience muscle in the head tighten. While on the other hand, migraines or vascular headaches are due to constricted blood vessels.

Most people experience head pains at some point in their lives. Most doctors prescribe pain relief medications for this type of pain condition. While other people advices to have natural remedies. They said that natural remedies are better alternative treatment for headaches.

Aside from the fact that these are safer to use and practice, natural remedies also promote relaxation.

The following are some of the known and recommended natural treatments to headache and migraine:

1. Stay away from foods that can trigger headache and migraine.

There are some foods that can trigger migraine or head pains. With this, it is best to determine which food you often eat easily trigger migraine. As it may take time for one to determine which foods are likely to trigger headache, it may be best to avoid the foods mentioned beforehand and free your kitchen as well as your diet from these foods.

2. Use an ice pack.

As soon as the headache strikes, quickly apply an ice pack, for this can provide quick relief. Ice packs can be placed on the forehead or on top of the head.

3. Get a relaxing massage.

Many commend that a massage can really relieve one from stress as well as it can relax the muscles in the neck. Using the fingertips, start massaging the temples and the scalp in a circular motion.

4. Check out aromatherapy.

Healthcare experts claim that aromatherapy can relieve pain and stress as well as it can promote relaxation. Herbal oils when inhaled can relax the body. These can also be used in massaging the head – across the temples, back of the neck, behind the ears, and the forehead.

5. Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise can definitely help one avoid experiencing frequent headache and migraine attacks. Simple exercise routines include jogging, swimming, or walking. These can help prevent the occurrence of head pains or migraines.

6. Seek biofeedback treatment.

Studies show that the biofeedback treatment can effectively relieve as well as prevent headache. This procedure works by changing and controlling the vital functions of the body like blood flow, muscle tension, and temperature.

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