Monday, April 26, 2010

Tension Headache Quick-Fixes

Got a tension headache? Try these quick-fixes:
Do proper breathing

The moment you feel that unmistakable tightening around your head, alleviate it by doing what comes naturally: breathe. However, as opposed to ordinary breathing, the kind of breathing that could help ease this kind of pain is of the deep kind. To get instant relief, breathe deeply three times. Feel the air as it slowly goes in and fills up your lungs. Likewise, feel it gradually slipping out as you exhale.

Calm down

Obviously, the culprit behind tension headaches is none other than tension. Since the tension mentioned here is the mental type, your feelings and thoughts are partly responsible for the onset of pain. So the moment you find yourself struggling with it; relax, take deep breaths, and clear your mind. You can either blank your mind or use creative visualization to help you calm down.

Get moving

You don't have to start planning an intensive exercise routine on the spot. The only thing called for here is a brief 10-minute walk around the room or stroll in the garden to help clarify your thoughts. As you walk around, make sure that you do proper deep breathing.

-Maricel Modesto

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