Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pain From Depression

Many people suffering in pain may not realised that it could be a symptom of depression. That's because many depressed individuals don't know that they are depressed. The pain and the depression go hand in hand. They are not just in your head. They are for real.

Experts believe that depression allows you to experience pain differently than other people.

Headache - This condition is common in depressed people. Those who already had migraine headaches may experience worse episodes when depressed.

Back pain - Just like a headache, individuals suffering from back pain may experience more pain when depressed.

Muscle aches and joint pain
- Depression can make any kind of chronic pain worse.

Chest pain - While it can be a sign of serious heart conditions, chest pain is also linked to depression.

Fatigue - Depressed people may feel tired even after a long sleep that they find it hard to get up from bed.

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